Day and Night Time Breast Pads 30 pcs by Nuvita


Day and Night Time Breast Pads in SAP. 30 pcs Individually packed. 1202

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Gentle on the skin of your breasts, Nuvita’s disposable day and night breast pads provide effective protection against milk leaks, making you feel dry and comfortable every time you wear them.

Thanks to the innovative 3D super-thin honeycomb structure and to the special super-absorbent material, they are ultra-thin, only 1 mm thick and guarantee maximum absorbency, giving you always dry skin and avoiding annoying irritations to the breast.

The thickness of 1mm, the seamless design and the 2 adhesive strips mean that the Nuvita breast pads always maintain the desired position and are invisible under clothing; ideal to wear all day even with the tightest clothes and safe for the night.

Soft, breathable and with a delicate thin layer of surface, they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Individually packaged for maximum hygiene, convenient to use both at home and on the go.