Baby Starter Bundle Gift Set PINK by Nuvita


NUVITA Bundle 10051 Mimic and brush PINK

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Nuvita Baby Starter Gift Set

All sizes available in a single pack that also includes a two-part cleaning brush.

2 bottles of 150 ml (+0m) Teat flow 1.

1 bottle 250 ml (+3m) Teat flow 2.

1 bottle 330 ml (+4m) Teat flow 3.

Characteristics: Flat and elongated teat that facilitates the peristaltic movement of the tongue as well as simulating the natural elasticity of the mother´s nipple.

Anti-colic valve: the air enters from the base of the bottle and prevents it from mixing with the milk.

Approved by the Italian Dental Association (AIO).

The brush has a part for the bottle and another for the teats. Perfect for both plastic and glass. It has nylon bristles that do not scratch the surface. The brush is not steam sterilized or microwave sterilizable.