Pappasana Vapor Combo 6-in-1 by Nuvita


Pappasana Vapor Combo 6-in-1. Food Processor, Steam Bottle Warmer, Sterilizer 1966

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6-in-1 steam cooker and bottle warmer

  • Shred
  • Blends and homogenizes
  • Steam cooks
  • Defrosts and warms bottles and jars
  • Sterilizes baby’s accessories in a natural way with the power of steam

Small, space-saving and useful over time, from birth until the child can eat the same menu as the whole family.

Initially, during breastfeeding, the bottle warmer function allows you to defrost and heat with water in a “bain-marie” even breast milk, preserving its nutritional principles.

Using the special lid, you can steam sterilise bottles, teats, soothers or breast pump accessories.

For the weaning period it is useful for chopping, blending, homogenising and cooking fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. The digital display makes it easy to choose each individual action by simply holding down the icon or to automatically set times from 5 to 30 minutes in the case of cooking.

With the “Cook & Blend” function you can easily prepare food and save time: just insert the ingredients in small pieces, set the cooking time and you will automatically obtain a creamy dish for your first meals. The special shape of the steel blades homogenizes the ingredients without forming air bubbles, an important feature to avoid gassy colic.

The glass has a capacity of 500 ml; water tank is made of ceramic, easy to clean to remove any limescale deposits