Organyc Bladder Leaks Liners Ultra-Thin X24


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Organyc brand light bladder control products completely protect you from wetness, odor, and irritation to help maintain dignity. They’re made only with certified organic cotton next to your skin, with cotton-balanced super absorbency inside the pad that quickly pulls away wetness to keep you dry. And, they have odor control that is certified, to help you feel more confident. Features: Certified organic cotton against your skin helps maintain skin health and prevent irritation, Cotton Certified odor control helps improve confidence and maintain dignity, Hypoallergenic & breathable.


  • Top Sheet: Certified organic cotton
  • Absorbent Core: Cotton, Super Absorbent Polymers
  • Backsheet & individual wrapper: Mater-bi (cornstarch based material)
  • Adhesive: Non-toxic, biodegradable adhesive

You can always Expect Respect® from Organyc®, the one brand that respects your body, respects your skin and respects our Earth. It’s what you deserve.