Scarban Elastic Silicone Sheet 10x15CM


Scar care professionals recommend Scarban silicone sheets most often. The reasons for this include:

The sheet stays in place when you move, even in skin folds
The sheet feels soft and pleasant to the touch, thanks to the unique, stretch-fabric, outer layer
The sheets consist of 100% medical silicone, with very high UV protection
Scarban medical silicone sheets are self-adhesive, washable and can be used for a long period. A special cleaning gel, Scarban silicone cleaning soap, is included with the silicone sheet. Regular washing will ensure that the silicone sheet retains its qualities, including optimum adhesion.

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Scarban Elastic is the best choice if you require the most intensive silicone scar therapy. This sheet has an extra-thick silicone layer for optimum hydration of scar tissue, providing maximum support for rapid, itch-free formation in the case of abnormal scars. Benefits Scarban Elastic Silicone Sheet:

Intensive therapy – highly effective
High-level UV protection
For small and large areas of skin
Can be cut to fit your application
Includes special cleaning soap Content: 1 pieces