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SteriEasy PRO Digital Steam Sterilizer 1084

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SteryEasy PRO is effective and sterilizes in just 6 minutes and in a natural way which is everything you need for your baby in the first months of life: bottles, soothers, teething rings and all the accessories for breast pumps that can be sterilized by heat. The water steam is healthy, does not leave flavours or odours on objects and does not pollute, unlike chemical disinfectants.

SteryEasy PRO takes up to 6 feeding bottles of all sizes and relative accessories. The internal baskets can be adjusted according to the quantity and size of the objects you want to disinfect; the upper part is suitable for hooking up even the smallest accessories so that the steam can reach every crevice well.

A dedicated holder for glass bottles is included.

It has an LED touch display that indicates the start of the sterilization process and the time remaining at the end of the cycle. At the end of the cycle, a practical visual “countdown” icon indicates how many hours the contents will remain sterile, considering 24 hours as the maximum suggested time. A feature that will be very convenient to be sure to always use objects sanitized from germs and bacteria.