Teat Flow 2 by Nuvita 2m+


2 Teats 2m+ Flow 2 – Medium; in medical “skin-like” silicone + 1 Anti-Colic Valve 6062

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Set of spare teats for Nuvita feeding bottles

Set of 2 nipples 2m+ Flow 2 – Medium, in medical “skin-like” silicone and 1 anti-colic valve.
The innovative teat is designed to not only look like but more importantly behave like your breast during feeding.The special flat, elongated shape and concave base allow the nipple to move up and down, stretch and contract just like your nipple during feeding. In addition, the wide surface and skin-like finish give your baby the comfortable sensation of being in contact with your breast.This makes it easier to alternate breast and bottle feeding without interrupting the habit of natural breastfeeding.